Friday, March 21, 2014

Weekly Wrap-Up: Flat tire, Braces, New Driver, OH MY!

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

~~Daffodils by William Wordsworth~~
It's been a long week! On Monday Pooh had to be taken to the dentist 40 minutes away for a filling.  Well, he didn't actually have a cavity, it appears that he had the start of a cavity that remineralized on it's own.  However, it was best to cover it for protection as a band for his new braces would be going around it on Wednesday.  That took up out entire afternoon.  We were welcomed home by a wonderful display of Spring ... FINALLY!!!!  No more snow ... we hope.  Thirty minutes later we left for my daughter's two hour long Monday night dance which is also 40 minutes away, but in another direction.  We live in a rural area so we drive a lot.  My husband and I took the opportunity to have a date night during her class time though, so that was a good thing.  It can be difficult to find "us time" with so many children and so much going on.

It works!
You can wrap a 3-year-old in it!
Tuesday night my daughter has her other dance class.  About half-way there my front right tire blew while we were in the left lane and no one wanted to let us over so we could get off the road (the right shoulder isn't wide enough for even a compact car to safely pull off let alone full sized passenger van).  I had to speed up to 80 mph with a flat front tire in order to get over and off the highway safely.  Thank you, LORD, for keeping us safe! We had the same issue as Audria with people not keep to the left (Weekly Wrap-up: Flat Tires, Torture and a Recipe).  About thirty minutes later, my husband, AAA, and a police office arrived within 5 minutes of each other to help out.  Amazing how well people pull over when a cop has his lights on!  My daughter and I took off in my husband's vehicle and made the second half of her class.  I found myself sitting there without any hand work as I finished off the quilt I was working on Sunday.  If you're interested in quilts and quilting, you can find pictures and cutting sizes at And three weeks later ... it's a QUILT!.  I get the most inspiration from seeing what others have done!

Wednesday morning started off comfortably at the couch.
It is a perfect place to do school work and study!

I see the camera,
so I'm hiding a grin.
Yes, I am still in my PJ's.

Biology together.  Fish have a bladder
that holds gas to make them float and
slime to help them swim.  Neat.

"Come look at my gubby with me.
Does his swimes help him swim too?"

Coffee.  I need coffee.
Just let me get my coffee.
Only seven more lessons to complete in
one subject and my Senior will be done
with high school forever!  

Our 4th Brace Face,
Tinsel Tooth, Metal Mouth
Pooh and left at 11:35 and were at the orthodontist at 12:15 for spacers (yes, it took 40 minute to get there in yet ANOTHER direction).  We did get to have lunch and hang out together until braces time at 1:45.  I really cherish any alone I get with my children, even if it is a burger a Wendy's and walking around Big Lots.  In a family our size you have to make a point to get that one-on-one which is so important.  Two hours later his braces were on and banded with orange and green for the Florida Gators.  GO GATORS!  He was a little excited to get them on and was patient during the time it took to get them on.  Since then he's had to eat a sandwich with a fork a knife, had to break up a cookie to eat it, and couldn't bite into a taco.  He isn't so excited anymore.

Anyway, we ran a few errands after his braces and got home 45 minutes before leaving for church.  Thankfully church is only a five minute drive!!!

Thursday morning I had to drive Barns to school, take Tuna for his bi-weekly shot, drop off a cat that was dumped at out house (I will spare you the full story of stupidity that goes went with it), then pick up Barns for his driving test (he passed HORRAY), take him back to school as he didn't have a parking permit to drive himself back, picked up the kids at the house to go to the park, then back to get Barns and FINALLY drop the daughter off at the Girl Scout troop she volunteers with.  WHEW!  I was so pleased when our new driver volunteered to go pick her up!

"Mom, why do you have a camera?"
"Just smile.
Then you can leave for school."
Thursday night brought some commotion at our house when Arty the Hedgehog saved the entire family from Bane the Action Figure.  You can read all about it at Arty the Hedgehog, Crime-fighter Extraordinaire, Beats up Bane and Puts Batman and Superman Out of Work!.

Today is Friday.  My son drove himself to school this morning.  We are almost done with school already so we are going to spend this gorgeous, 70 degree, Spring afternoon at the park!  My daughter has a troop meeting tonight, but I think I'll sit back and let my new driver handle it.  Yippie!

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