Monday, December 9, 2013

Hello Fresh!
Chicken Polpetti

A little delayed by the winter storm. Lots of ice, no snow. Sad about that, 
BUT here is my second review on Hello Fresh.  

Yesterday one of my sons asked about the chicken meatball dish I had made for lunch one day while he was at school. My homeschooled children had told him how delicious is was and he really wants to try.  Well, it was one of the recipes I had made from Hello Fresh. The Chicken Poletti was definitely the favorite!

Instead of beef, ground chicken is was used to make the "meatballs". 
I had never used ground chicken before; it was a little different to work with than ground beef, but the directions did say to wet your hands before forming the balls which made a big difference. 
I was able to make a total of twelve nice size chicken balls.  
I know chicken balls sounds a bit odd, but that's what we call them.

After they were browned on all sides, they were simmered in homemade sauce while the pasta boiled.  

We wound up diving it four ways.  
My 18-year-old said it was just the right amount to fill him without stuffing him 
and everyone agreed.

 The 3-year-old took a bite and said, "That is aMAZing!"  
I  have to say that one of the things I really enjoyed about reviewing Hello Fresh is that the recipes were ones I would never thought of trying. I doubt I would have made "meatballs" out of ground chicken, but now, it's being requested! Adding new and different recipes to our family meal menu has been great. 

One of my friends pointed out that one of these would make a great gift that is different and unique. Plus they get a recipe card with all the ingredients and instruction so they can make the meals again. Go check them out, and if you decided you want to try them yourself, use the code "T7QDA8" when you sign up for $20 off your first box.

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