Friday, August 19, 2016

Let Children be Children!

My husband calls it "Academic Bullying." And he's absolutely right. Kids are pushed so hard these days that there is little down time. Little self time. Little time to be the children they are and just play. And that includes teenagers! Too many adults have forgotten that their children have only a small period in their life to be children, to play, have fun, and just learn to RELAX. Children should NOT be busy all the time! They should NOT be studying all the time! They should NOT be under so much pressure with so many expectations on them that they are on medications for anxiety and/or depression. Mom! Dad! Stop trying to live vicarious through your children. Listen to your children. Let them be kids. Let your children ... PLAY!!!

"Anyone who looks honestly at the experiences of students at Sudbury model democratic schools and of unschoolers—where freedom, play, and self-directed exploration prevail—knows that there is another way. We don't need to drive kids crazy to educate them. Given freedom and opportunity, without coercion, young people educate themselves. They do so joyfully, and in the process develop intrinsic values, personal self-control, and emotional wellbeing. That's the overriding message of the whole series of essays in this blog. It's time for society to take an honest look."

The Decline in Play and the Rise in Children's Mental Disorders

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